Monday, 14 October 2013

Camaro on Sunset


This is my little lighting experiment,
There is no final gather used for this render.
It is all direct illumination.
Several lights were used for this Scene.
I have render passes with 32 bit float exr format.
the render file size were so huge. other wise I was planning to upload my Project Set.
So every one can use it, play with it and may be make it much better than I did :)

Hope upload soon....

this is simple composition using Nuke. Just some render pass comp and flares :)

I have done Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing for this render.
Model is ready-made.

you can download this model from :-

and the background image can be download from :-

here is the Final Render.

you can check high-resolution PNG file here :-

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